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STWC Holdings creates packaging division for cannabis industry

STWC Holdings, a US-based consulting firm in the development of cannabis-related businesses, has established a new packaging division, offering product packaging for its clients.

Apart product packaging, STWC is also offering vaporizers, accessories and labeling solutions.

The new packaging division will be operated under Strainwise brand name from STWC offices in Lakewood, Colorado.

STWC’s new division will provide most cost-effective, innovative, customizable and compliant packaging options for clients.

The firm’s expansion is based on its recent acquisition, which allowed the company to provide its clients solutions with solutions in graphic design and other marketing components.

STWC Holdings CEO Erin Phillips said: “All of STWC’s activities focus on our clients’ most likely path to a thriving and legally compliant business.

“We are experts on the navigation of regulatory issues because we were on this industry’s ground floor from the very start of legalized marijuana. But we ensure that we are available to provide consultation on all the most challenging issues for people who want to participate in the industry.”

Strainwise packaging will help clients to avoid working with multiple vendors and reduce various complexities that may drive entrepreneurs to abandon their efforts.

The packaging division will assist clients in all aspects of the regulated cannabis industry, including medical marijuana, recreational marijuana and CBD products.

The company said it has expanded its repertoire of services designed to support clients in the development of their own cannabis-related businesses.

Phillips further added: “By establishing the Strainwise Packaging Division, we can ensure that our design initiatives are translated into tangible product offerings that help our clients stand out in this competitive industry.

“This value proposition allows our clients to receive best-in-class service, while allowing Strainwise to benefit from the newly developed in-house business unit.”

STWC is a complete ecosystem of entities and services, which serve the cannabis industry. The company develops made-to-order solutions to address the range of challenges that are faced by cannabis entrepreneurs and businesses.


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