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Steklarna Hrastnik to purchase new machine for packaging glass

Slovenian glass maker Steklarna Hrastnik is set to invest €4.2m for the purchase of a new machine for packaging glass.

The firm is starting the new investment cycle with the acquisition of a new production machine, called IS-machine, and shifting of an additional machine to the Vitrum location.

Steklarna Hrastnik plans to complete the transformation of the current lighting glass production unit to the packaging glass production unit by the spring of 2018.

The investment will also help to increase the efficiency of the furnace, allowing to enhance the capacity of the furnace by 200 tonnes per day and create 150 new jobs.

The company invested €2.8m for the development of lighting glass unit in the last eight years.

Even though focusing on reorganization, Steklarna Hrastnik will continue to manage manual glass production to manufacture promotional bottles or other exclusive glassware.

Steklarna Hrastnik glass division president Andrej Božic said: “The abolishment of the lighting glass programme is our opportunity to expand the packaging glass programme.”

Steklarna Hrastnik general director Peter Cas said: “The transition to new jobs will be gradual and employee-friendly. Nothing will happen overnight.

“Employees will be integrated into the mentoring system in order to get acquainted with new production technologies, learn new tasks, and thus make it easier to take on new jobs.”

The company’s packaging solutions include high glass spirit collection, high glass perfumes collection and king size bottles.

Steklarna Hrastnik also offers services such as indirect printing, direct printing, spraying and frosting.

In June this year, Nude Brand Creation provided new bottles for Slovenian glass maker Steklarna Hrastnik.

Steklarna Hrastnik aimed to expand its glassware offerings, which were limited to glass bottle packaging, glassware, lighting and a small range of bottles.

Nude claims to have offered 14 bottle designs, which were based on its knowledge of the different shapes used by brands. Steklarna Hrastnik selected two out of the 14 designs.