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Tree Top selects Sonoco’s ClearGuard film structure for apple sauce packaging

Tree Top, a cooperative owned by about 900 apple and pear growers, has worked with Sonoco to launch its apple sauce in clear, see-through pouches.

Tree Top apple sauce is now available in Sonoco’s new see-through ClearGuard flexible pouch.

With low oxygen and water vapor transmission rates, the ClearGuard packaging will protect the inside food and preserve its shelf-life.

Serving as alternative to aluminum foil or metalized films, the ClearGuard liquid pouch will meet the barrier and shelf-life needs for different product categories.

The liquid pouch is said to withstand retort process that involves high pressure and high temperatures.

Since many years, Tree Top has been using Sonoco’s foil-based packaging for its products.

The company has selected ClearGuard film structure, as it allows consumers to view the product before consuming.

Tree Top's new clear pouches are available in six flavors such as apple, cinnamon, strawberry, mango, tropical and mixed berry.

The company is offering clear apple sauce pouches in either 12- or four-count boxes in retail stores across the western US.

Tree Top is also providing apple sauce available in 3.2 oz. pouch at various restaurant chains such as Arby's, Shari's and Sonic Drive-In, as well as Alaska Airlines.

Sonoco marketing director Pete Gioldasis said: “Consumer demand for clarity is a growing trend, not just related to ingredients and labeling, but with packaging itself, as more and more shoppers want to be able to see exactly what they are buying.

“This desire is even more important with children’s foods, where quality and product integrity are so essential.”

Tree Top president and CEO Tom Hurson said: “Everyone deserves good food, and we developed the new, clear pouches to return power to people by allowing them to see our quality product before consuming it.”

Image: Tree Top’s apple sauce is available in Sonoco’s ClearGuard flexible pouch. Photo: courtesy of Sonoco Products Company.