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Snapper is more convenient

A new food tray offering ‘easy-snappable’ portion trays in a complete meal pack is being launched by LINPAC Plastics as part of its expanding LINcool range, which keeps food piping hot but is cool-to-touch on the outside, avoiding burns and scalds for consumers.

LINcool snapper packs feature perforated, easy-to–detach tray portions that make it convenient to heat different parts of the meal, such as sauces and rice, which have different cooking times.

The new packaging offers significant cost savings for food manufacturers, with the multi-portion pack able to use high speed filling lines, reducing the need for multiple filling and labour-intensive packing. LINPAC also offer lidding films with a simple, self-venting feature for the trays.

All LINcool products remain rigid even after heating minimising the risk of burns or people dropping or spilling. Made from specially heat stabilised polystyrene, LINcool containers have been tested and certified for food contact up to 120 deg C. Each year over 1000 burns or scalds are caused through using microwave ovens in the UK alone.

Business development manager Trevor Komaromy said: “We’re making microwave cooking even more convenient through packaging design. Manufacturers can supply a complete meal in one pack, with the flexibility of catering for different cooking requirements. The new cool-to-touch trays are also easier for consumers to hold and sensibly reduce risks and potential liability of scalds, burns and accidents.”