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“Smart” lids should stop drinkers getting their fingers burned

An Australian product development company has launched a “smart” plastic lid for takeaway hot drinks which, thanks to a special colour-changing additive, turns bright red well before the contents approach a temperature which could burn the drinker.

Smart Lid Systems (SLS) has appointed Hong Kong-based Thermo International as a “key” global manufacturer for the lid, which changes from a “dark coffee bean” colour to bright red if the drink inside reaches over 115 degs F (46 degs C). The Sydney firm says liquids reaching anything above 140 degs F (60 degs C) pose a burns hazard, while coffee’s “ideal” consumption temperature is 152 degs F (67 degs C). The container top returns to its original brown as the drink cools and indicates if it has not been properly secured – via a “broken ring” rim pattern.

SLS md Nick Bayss says: “Substantial European foodservice company interest has forced our company to source a much larger supplier, in Thermo International, with global capabilities.”

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SLS says the new thermochromic lid technology will be offered at a “very competitive” price