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Sleever innovates in UV flexo

A new UV flexo printing technique from Sleever Labels is said to enable “flawless reproduction” of images, high precision texts and special effects on printed sleeves. It is expected to satisfy the converting needs of small and medium series for cosmetics, perfumery, parapharmaceutical and food brands.

According to the company, this new technology makes it possible to obtain 10 colour back/front printing, super high quality quadri-chrome image definition, flawless halftones and shades, plus unequalled precision of texts. Faster turnaround of delivery times (2-3 weeks) and tooling bills reduced by some 50 per cent are also claimed.

Sleever says the new process has been tested and validated in the cosmetics and food markets and already met with the approval of leading brands such as L’Oréal, Unilever and Ducros. The UV flexo printed sleeves can be produced on standard Sleever machines such as the Powersleeve, the infra red Powerskinner and the steam Powersteam.


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