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Sidel unveils SteadyEdge PET container for FHPC market

Sidel has unveiled the new SteadyEdge PET container for the food, home and personal care (FHPC) manufacturers.

The new PET container type based on a patented base solution is claimed to improve brand differentiation options besides maximizing production efficiency.

According to the Swiss packaging manufacturing company, the base technology of SteadyEDGE is said to be designed to tackle the challenge of producing flat, oval and rectangular containers in PET.

Using it, the need for a specific production process to manufacture such containers and at the same time ensuring optimum material distribution of PET to create quality package is eliminated.

Brands can also be displayed exactly as planned using SteadyEDGE, stated Sidel.

SteadyEDGE comes with innovative and attractive PET package design variants ensuring stable and cost-efficient production.

Sidel packaging innovation leader Pierrick Protais said: "It makes it possible to achieve premium-quality containers in PET, with sharper edges which have a radius as little as only 1mm, compared to a previous minimum of 2.5mm.”

Sharper edges on the containers result in increased design freedom while enabling the production of better looking containers with bases that are not so curved. They also create marketing opportunities for containers of complex shapes and large labelling spaces.

SteadyEDGE is also said to deliver maximum container quality by way of accurate processing. As an option, it can be further ensured by a monitoring system of visual control of base movement on individual blowing stations as per Sidel.

The sharper edges created by the technology are used to flatten and increase the 'standing ring' area of the base effectively thereby creating a package that is more stable. Further, it also prevents unwanted rocking and decreases the possibility of containers being knocked over, as per Protais.

Image: Sidel’s SteadyEdge PET container. Photo: courtesy of Sidel.