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Seamless counterfeit protection for mechanical and plant engineering with SECUTAG

Seamless counterfeit protection for mechanical and plant engineering with SECUTAG

12 March 2015

Seamless counterfeit protection for mechanical and plant engineering with SECUTAG

3S Simons Security Systems GmbH at Hannover Messe 2015

3S Simons Security Systems GmbH will be presenting its wide range of industry solutions relating to the counterfeit protection system SECUTAG at this year’s Hannover Messe. Direct product protection with SECUPRODUCT, which can be easily and cost-effectively integrated with other systems, is a central focus of 3S at the world’s biggest industrial trade show. Another key area is the combination of traceability and counterfeit protection. Therefore, SECUDATA combines the logistic advantages of different traceability codes and counterfeit protection provided by micro colour codes. Moreover, 3S will be showcasing a wide range of printing solutions, including security labels, closures (originality and tamper-proof protection), labels and stickers for different applications. In cooperation with ten technology providers of VDMA’s Working Group ‘Product and Know-How Protection’, 3S will show a demonstrator for the packaging of spare parts and compone nts which visualises proof of authenticity, online verification and traceability. The expert for legally binding counterfeit protection will be presenting its wide range of products and solutions at Hannover Messe, in hall 8, stand no. D08, from 13 – 17 April 2015.


Joint demonstrator: Product Protection for Industry 4.0
Plagiarism poses an ever-growing risk to industry and trade. Counterfeit products do not only endanger the safety of employees and customers, but they also might result in product liability claims and court proceedings – the outcome of which is often uncertain to the companies affected. This is why 3S and 10 members of the Working Group ‘Product and Know-How Protection’ will present a joint demonstrator for spare parts and components packaging in Hannover. Visitors can see and experience how a product is coded individually and equipped with security features and how its packaging is sealed. The combination of tracking and anti-counterfeiting makes sure that each product can be tracked at any time, while protecting it on its way to the customer. This approach shows that effective protective measures can keep counterfeit products from entering the production and logistics chains. The result: comprehensive product protection for Industry 4.0. Such a protection strategy will not only reduce control costs along the supply chain, but it will also strengthen the corporate image of brand manufacturers as guarantors for premium quality products because the use of the counterfeit protection system can be communicated to the public. The demonstrator can be seen in hall 8, stand D08 (joint stand of the VDMA’s Working Group ‘Products and Know-How Protection’).


Economic damage caused by product piracy
Product piracy causes immense damage to the economy as a whole. More than 70 percent of German engineering firms are affected by product piracy, their economic losses amount to 7.9 billion a year. The People’s Republic of China is the unchallenged Number 1 among the manufacturing countries, followed by plagiarism from Germany (23 percent). However, the risks to consumers should also be taken into account, because counterfeit products can pose a significant public health threat. Consumers are thus confronted with windscreens of inferior quality, faulty motor vehicle steering systems, drugs without active ingredients and hazardous chemical substances in textiles, cosmetics and toys. "Counterfeit protection is consumer protection. Given the dangers arising from plagiarism, the consumer should be able to unambiguously identify the original product, in particular if it affects people’s health or lives," says Rolf Simons, founder and CEO of 3S.


Direct product protection with SECUPRODUCT
In mechanical and plant engineering, 3S’ industry solution SECUPRODUCT provides the legally binding proof of identity for individual parts such as aggregates, compressors or ball bearings, as well as for spare parts and precision tools. In the automotive and aircraft industry it helps to protect products from component suppliers, such as brake pads and filters, against counterfeiting. SECUPRODUCT can be meticulously and precisely applied onto nearly all solid matters, among which metals, synthetics, paperproducts, glass, alloys and textile fabrics. The product’s authenticity can be checked by means of a standard pen microscope with 100x magnification.
This means costly investments in skilled labour and technical equipment as well as time-consuming verification procedures are no longer required. The system is quickly integrated into all production processes; costly changes are not necessary – a very important consideration because even in the field of counterfeit protection it is essential that expenses and costs remain at manageable levels.


Counterfeit-proof traceability with SECUDATA
SECUDATA combines the logistic advantages of traceability systems (e.g. data matrix and RFID) and counterfeit protection by means of micro colour codes. Both codes are applied onto the product, its primary or secondary packaging, labels and closures. Thanks to the micro colour code both the traceability code and the product are protected against counterfeiting in a manner that cannot be legally contested. First, the traceability code is checked in databases. But only by checking the micro colour codes, authenticity of the traceability codes and the product are proven beyond doubt. This way, SECUDATA ensures seamless security along the entire supply chain, from suppliers via those involved in production, all the way to the retailers and end-customers.


OTF security label protects against tampering and counterfeiting
Further exhibition highlights includes 3S’ printing solutions. The OTF security label ensures that online terminals used for cashless payment transactions, for example, are protected against tampering and unauthorised access. The advantage of this closure is that it is based on the Secure-ID technology and can be removed without leaving any residue. In contrast to Void films, adhesive residues, which might contaminate the protected device, are thus avoided. Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH, the leading supplier of pet food and supplies, is one of 3S’ customers who uses the OTF security label in its German stores to secure its online terminals for cashless transactions against unauthorized access.


High-security label incorporating hologram technology
Moreover, 3S will be presenting a security label incorporating hologram technology. Micro colour codes SECUTAG and additional variable security features were used to create a high security label. The hologram consists of a PET film with an incorporated micro colour code. It can be optionally equipped with a void effect. The wide portfolio of add-on security features includes the holographic tilt effect with changing images, sequential numbering and security cuts which make it impossible for the label to be removed without causing irreversible damage. Space for the company logo may also be integrated in the surface film of the PET label. It is also possible to implement traceability codes.


INGUN uses SECUTAG for legally binding packaging
Constance-based INGUN GmbH is the world’s leading supplier of testing equipment. INGUN has chosen the legally binding micro colour code technology SECUTAG for protecting the packaging of its contact pins that are used for checking the PCBs of mobile phones. For this purpose, specific closure seals, that contain both technical data and the micro colour code particles, are affixed crosswise over all four sides of the box. The pins are thus clearly identified as originals, unauthorized opening of the box would
be discovered immediately. The labels can be applied without changing the manufacturing and packaging process.

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