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SC Johnson offers families chance to pack their lunch for saving money

SC Johnson is inviting families to save money by packing their own lunch.

A $5 lunch, when purchased daily, can add up to about $1,500 annually. Packing your lunch sounds like a simple way to save money, yet according to a 2016 Ziploc brand survey* only 1 in 4 working Americans bring their lunch every day.

In celebration of National Pack Your Lunch Day, SC Johnson, the maker of trusted household products like Ziploc and Saran Wrap, today announced its support of one of the easiest daily cost-saving rituals, packing your lunch.

The top three reasons cited for not bringing a lunch include: forgetting to pack a lunch, not having enough time to pack a lunch and the belief that going out to lunch is more fun than packing a lunch.

SC Johnson shares the following "Zip-Tips" to help families achieve lunch-bringing success:

Set a daily, reoccurring reminder on your phone to pack your lunch

Place your keys in the fridge, on top of your packed lunch, so you don't forget

Regularly change your sack lunch menu, avoiding middle-of-the-day munching monotony

Pre-package lunch items on Sunday night, leaving one less thing to do during the week

Label each lunch bag or container, ensuring you take the right one