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Safety-first unpacking from Headway

A knife designed to reduce workplace accident numbers with a blade that "automatically vanishes" out of harm's way into the body if the tool is dropped is now available from Derbyshire-based Headway Innovations.

The blade is adjustable up to 25mm and when used in unpacking operations, for example, it can be set very low to avoid damaging the goods inside.

The Vanishing Point has a slim shape and nylon body, which is said to make it easy to control and comfortable to use, while the nylon construction should minimise the chance of electric shock if the user accidentally cuts a live cable.

The blade remains “hidden” until needed and, when not in use, a click of the safety lock on the knife’s back ensures the blade will not come out. Blade changing requires a simple press down on the operating lever (with the blade out), and a further press on the blade change button.

Both blade carriage and internal parts are metal for a long life, while the Vanishing Point accepts standard blades. The operating lever doubles as a storage compartment for up to 10 blades.