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Sacmi exhibits inspection solution at last edition of the international K fair in Düsseldorf

Sacmi said its PVS-3: the compact, flexible, high performance preform inspection solution, presented at the last edition of the international K fair in Düsseldorf is winning over the market thanks to unique versatility and a capacity to ensure total quality control of the preform, directly on the line and at very high speed.

Performance, flexibility and, what's more, equipped on request with the automatic centrifugal positioning unit which makes it ideal, in terms of compactness and efficiency, for the downstream installation of any injection press, new or existent. This is the innovative PVS-3 preform vision system, developed by Sacmi's Automation & Inspection SystemsDivision and given its first market showing at the last edition of the international K fair in Düsseldorf.

Ten such machines have been installed and sold worldwide in just three months, from Spain to Vietnam; this demonstrates the market has been quick to respond to a solution that offers outstanding inspection rates of up to 72,000 preforms an hour and which can easily be installed both in-line with the press and offline. With regard to in-line operation, the upstream automatic centrifugal positioner is of particular interest; it enhances efficiency and is nicely compact, making investment decisions regarding existing lines easier. For offline installation the traditional roller positioner is also available, while the in-line solution can be equipped downstream with the innovative “soft drop” system that delicately sets down preforms exiting the vision system in octabins.

At the heart of the solution, beyond the flexibility and high output rate, lie – as is the Sacmi tradition – the outstanding inspection potential of the PVS-3: this spans from standard checks such as inspection of the preform mouth to the finish (especially the thread), the body and the bottom. Optional features include the exclusive, patented Sacmi “grille” method to intercept defects that can only be detected with polarised light, such as on-material stress, surface irregularities and watermarks etc.

As regards software, the PVS-3 installs the latest CVS 3000 64-bit version, developed entirely by Sacmi and shared by all the vision systems in the range; this ensures maximum interoperability between machines and, therefore, a fully integrated approach that Sacmi calls total quality control. In other words, a fully interconnected system capable of providing precious additional information on line efficiency and extending monitoring, also remotely, to every stage of production. Thanks to the flexibility of the software platform, it's also possible to equip the Sacmi PVS-3 with both black and white video cameras and ultra-high resolution colour acquisition devices; the latter are designed for thorough inspection of preform colour.

Adding yet further value is Sacmi's capacity to include all-round solutions, personalised according to the individual customer's manufacturing requirements and the target market. Solutions that range from complete plant engineering design (injection presses, stretch-blow moulding and filling lines, robotized handling systems and Sacmi-built end-of-line systems) to a fast, efficient spare parts and after-sales service that is guaranteed by the Sacmi Global Network (the latter consists of over 80 manufacturing and service companies in 30 countries worldwide).