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Robotic wrapping line handles crumbly items

Robotic wrapping line handles crumbly items

Press Release September 2014

Robotic wrapping line handles crumbly items

A compact robotic packaging line that provides particularly delicate handling for crumbly products such as rusks and biscuits and is able to create catering packs of typically two to six items in one or two stacks has been developed by Italian manufacturer PFM.

The first has been built for a European manufacturer of dietary food products and is handling gluten-free rusks, stacked in a variety of pack formats, all quickly interchangeable.

"The key to this line is the conveyor and product handling system that allows crumbly bakery products to be taken off the cooling band from the oven and handled at speeds up to 120 packs a minute," explains PFM sales and operations director Chris Bolton.

"Changeover between the different pack formats is quickly achieved, with all settings held in memory for immediate press-button recall."

The line starts with a robotic arm carrying suction cup grippers that lift two or three rows of nine rusks from the oven band on each cycle and stack them on the infeed belt set at right angles to the PFM Bora flow-wrapper. Missing items are detected by laser.

One or two stacks are then advanced into the wrapper at a time depending on pack format.


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