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Robot mounts plates rapidly

AV Flexologic’s new FAMM HS – Fully Automatic Mounting Machine – High Speed – is a robotic system which can mount a plate every 90sec “continuously 24/7”. The machine is equipped with a carousel which can hold eight cylinders or sleeves.

Operator intervention is said to be minimal, only for loading and unloading the carousel every 12min and putting plates on the conveyor belt. 750 plates can be mounted every 24 hours with a total operator attendance time of under four hours.

According to AV Flexologic, the machine can position a plate to within 0.007mm or 0.0003 inch, thanks to its patented image recognition system which recognizes and measures the positions of the mounting marks. A digital quality check after mounting ensures the plate is mounted to within 0.050mm from the intended programmed position on the cylinder or sleeve.

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