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Revolutionary Salvalco Spray Valve Technology Could Transform Global Aerosol Industry

Revolutionary Salvalco Spray Valve Technology Could Transform Global Aerosol Industry

6 March 2015

Revolutionary Salvalco Spray Valve Technology Could Transform Global Aerosol Industry

‘Eco-Valve’ compressed air innovation set to be trialled by Colep, leading brands and specialist manufacturers

Salvalco Eco-Valve, a revolutionary aerosol delivery system which uses compressed air or other harmless gases as a propellant rather than a liquid petroleum gas (LPG), is set to be trialled extensively by major contract fillers, leading brands and specialist spray companies.

The Eco-Valve system has been patented by newly formed British company Salvalco. Salvalco (whose name is derived from ‘Salford Valve Company’) is a joint enterprise between AWI Group – a UK-based international engineering company – and The University of Salford. The University developed the Eco-Valve technology via its Spray Research Group, led by Professor Ghasem Nasr.

The reason for the positive reaction from the aerosol industry, including market-leading contract filler companies such as Colep and One-Asia is Eco-Valve’s excellent and consistent spray performance which compares favourably to an LPG delivery system.


Using a compressed gas propellant with standard valve systems can result in a wet, dense and large particle-sized spray which is not suitable for many household sprays and personal care products. Extensive tests of Salvalco’s Eco-Valves have shown that they consistently perform just as well as an LPG spray in terms of mist and density, particle size and contents exhaustion.


This like-for-like performance, combined with Eco-Valve’s compatibility with most existing filling equipment, means that a significant portion of the global aerosol industry could quickly and easily switch to a compressed gas solution and massively reduce the need to use LPGs and other VOCs in the production of sprays.


This in turn would have a dramatic and positive impact across the supply chain through the removal of highly volatile and flammable propellants which are costly to store and transport. Such a shift would also benefit the environment and improve air quality though a reduction in certain VOCs.


Colep’s Marketing and Innovation Director, Grant Coupland, said: "As one of the world’s largest contract filling companies Colep is continuously striving to improve products and be more sustainable. Therefore Salvalco’s Eco-Valve could make a big impact on aerosol production especially within wet-spray categories, and help wean parts of the industry off the extensive use of LPG and VOC propellants.


"We and our international partners, including One-Asia, are therefore committed to work closely with Salvalco to help develop the Eco-Valve concept further and thoroughly road-test it across a wide range of household, personal care and industrial products over the coming months. If testing and line trials are successful we intend to roll it out as soon as possible."


"I believe there a genuine appetite in the aerosol sector to find innovative solutions which will benefit the manufacturer, retailer consumer and the environment. In principle Eco-Valve will deliver on all these fronts."


To highlight Colep and One-Asia’s commitment to developing the technology both have signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with Salvalco. In addition Salvalco is also involved in advanced negotiations with a number of leading brands and specialist manufacturers.


Mark Waters, Salvalco’s Commercial Director who has over 20 years’ experience in the aerosol and filling sector, said: "When we initially looked at the University of Salford’s research and test results we were very impressed. However, we also knew that taking the Eco-Valve technology out of the lab and putting it into the market place would be a challenge.


"Having presented the concept to contracts fillers, shown samples to many leading brands and demonstrated the product at the Paris Aerosol Forum, the feedback has been highly positive and it’s fantastic that Colep has committed to an intensive testing programme with a view to rolling out the product later this year.


"Salvalco Eco-Valves will also be integrated into selected household aerosols going on sale in Europe this Summer via other vendors. We’re also getting extensive interest from China, where there is a massive air quality problem, and other parts of Asia Pacific.


"In addition we are talking to companies who have historically never had an aerosol-based product range due to not wanting the costs and risks associated with high volumes of LPG on their premises. With Eco-Valve’s high spray performance, delivered through a compressed air or inert gas propellant, such barriers are removed which means smaller and more specialist players can also enter the market."


Salvalco Eco-Valves will be principally manufactured in Taiwan and China by Derjin, one of Asia Pacific’s leading packaging companies which specialises in personal care and household products. Salvalco and Derjin have created a dedicated production line for the valves, with an investment of $4m.


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