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Retail display pack set to hit Europe following US success

Bradford-based Mailway Packaging Solutions and Field Packaging are introducing to the UK and Europe a “premium visual carded” retail display system which has reportedly already sold in America in volumes of 60m units/annum.

They have negotiated with the SunPaq system’s developers, Sun Industries Inc and Sunpaq UK, for the right to distribute the “fully recyclable” display pack throughout Europe, to sub-contract its manufacture, to install the necessary manufacturing equipment at UK customer sites and to produce and sell SunPaq cards in the same territory.

SunPaq comprises a blister, skin and shrink packaging material combination in a retail display pack manufactured via a “unique structural technology” which “means products can be displayed with total visibility, both front and back”. Hangable on pegboards or useable in standalone format, the units are available in five “styles” – frame view, side-fold, stand-up, “see-thru” and carton insert.

Contact details

Mailway Packaging Solutions
T: +44 (0)1274 720019

Field Packaging
T: +44 (0)1274 420420

The five different SunPaq “styles” all utilise a “tough, yet thin” protective film product cover Sunpaq3