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Recycling, anaerobic digestion and technology giants to bridge gap towards circularity at Resource 2015

Press Release Sep 2014

Recycling, anaerobic digestion and technology giants to bridge gap towards circularity at Resource 2015

Working with industry innovators such as Novelis, Helistrat, Tetronics International and the Association for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP), Resource 2015 ( will showcase the latest recycling, anaerobic digestion and technology solutions bridging the gap between current linear business models and the UK’s move towards a more circular economy.

Whether you consider it an evolution towards the circular economy, or a revolution, the reality is that ‘becoming circular’ is not a quick fix. Resource is the first event to bring together all sectors, to find that critical path to change. In 2015, Resource is renewing its focus on ‘first steps for business’ by having two major show sections that present recycling solutions, and food waste/AD solutions.

Ed Lawson, Content Director of Resource, commented "Recycling is a vital part of the solution, a path towards circularity. For most, it’s a logical first step. Being zero waste to landfill company is a great target, and is in line with circular economy thinking. ‘Closing the loop’ is about companies securing materials flows and taking ownership of their product through to end of life".

A crucial component of the circular economy is to reduce or indeed eliminate waste. One element at the heart of the conundrum is food waste, as this acts as a contaminant in the waste stream. If food waste can be reduced, and diverted to AD facilities this aids a circular economy – as energy can be recovered, and waste is simpler to sort, process and recover. The Resource event also hosts a focused section on food waste/AD so that companies are able to see a full spectrum of solutions to handling waste directly or indirectly generated by their business.

Stephen Gee, Event Director of Resource points out: "The circular economy requires a gamut of technological solutions, combined with a big rethink of business models to take account for consumer habits and attitudes. Resource will grow and grow to include all of the solutions that businesses can adopt to aim towards eliminating the waste within their businesses, and as a result of consumption of their products. We see it as vital to present the pathway to change, from recycling through to full circularity."

Resource has seen more and more interest from businesses who can see that, long term, the circular economy is the right path to securing future material availability. From electronics manufacturing to the construction trade, materials are escalating in cost as scarcity becomes a key consideration. For this reason, the show will host speakers from all sectors – sharing their approaches and experiences. Supporters and exhibitors at the show already include Tetronics (a resource recovery technology firm), Novelis (aluminium recycling) and the Association for Sustainable Building Products – who are piloting demountable structures and methods to reduce construction waste.

‘The level of awareness amongst businesses is growing, and it’s the role of Resource to support, educate, and share best practices to achieve circularity. As part of the presentation of the full array of solutions, the event will host world class recycling and AD businesses, as well as speakers from organisations who have already implemented elements of circularity.

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