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Removable electrode cartridge enables rapid servicing of corona system

A new electrode cartridge for Ahlbrandt’s Corona Narrow Web treatment system has a built-in dust trap and suction pipe, and can be removed and cleaned “in a matter of minutes”, resulting in minimal stoppage time.

Although the majority of corona treatment systems on the market do contain a removable electrode cartridge, the suction pipe and dust trap remain inside the machine. According to Ahlbrandt, this means that the often inaccessible parts must be cleaned by hand. The consequence of this is that dirt can spread through the whole plant, which adds unnecessarily to maintenance times.

In the Corona Narrow Web’s Easy Change system, the electrode cartridge safely encapsulates any dirt and dust, and can be removed together with the suction pipe. All the dirt can simply be emptied out and the cartridge replaced. The electrodes in the cartridge can be replaced just as quickly, and require only a few turns to remove. This means that the system can be serviced in less than three minutes, the company states.

Ahlbrandt’s system can be installed in narrow spaces or simply integrated into existing plants. It is able to cope with substrate widths of up to 750mm, thicknesses up to 1.5mm and web speed of 500m/min.

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