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Recycled fibre cradles provide roll protection savings

When Japanese manufacturer of films and tapes Nitto Denko needed a better way to protect the rolls of product shipped from its facilities in Belgium, US company Rollguard provided the solution.

Nitto Denko was looking for an alternative to the wooden block cradles it was using when it shipped rolls horizontally on pallets.

“We were using wooden blocks with cradle diameters that were customised for our rolls,” explains Danny Timmermans, purchasing and logistics packaging specialist for Nitto Europe. The wooden cradles were put under and between the layers of rolls on pallets. However, the wooden blocks sometimes caused product damage.

“If you put two or three pallets on top of each other, the weight on the blocks could crush the core the film was wrapped around,” Timmermans continues. “So, we were looking for alternatives.”

His search led him to Rollguard’s recycled fibre cradles. “I had Rollguard send some samples to us. When they arrived, everybody was actually laughing a little bit, because the material looked like egg cartons. But these fibre cradles hug the rolls better, so the pallets became a lot more stable. The production personnel were won over and we switched to the cradles.”

Rollguard says its cradles offer strength, protection and cost efficiency in a green packaging solution that can be easily customised to fit nearly any roll or cylindrical protective packaging situation. Nitto Europe is using three different sizes that allow three, four or five rolls per layer.

Even with long distance shipping, Rollguard’s cradles deliver 40% savings over the wooden blocks, according to Timmermans.

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