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Rebuild raises M-real’s folding boxboard capacity

M-real has completed the rebuild of its Kyro mill in Finland, which makes the Carta Elega and Avanta Prima high quality folding boxboards for beautycare and healthcare packaging. The rebuild increases the mill’s annual capacity by 40,000 tonnes to 190,000 tonnes/year.

In a separate joint venture, M-real is building a new biopower plant next to the Kyro mill, to replace fossil natural gas with CO2 neutral wood (bark, chips, stumps and other discarded wood plus mill broke). After start-up of the plant, which will also provide heating for the neighbouring district of Hämeenkyr?, in autumn 2012, CO2 emissions from the Kyro mill will be reduced by approximately 100,000 tonnes/year, equivalent to the annual emissions of around 60,000 cars.

M-real’s investment programme, which will increase its total folding boxboard capacity by 150,000 tonnes to 935,000 tonnes/year, also includes a rebuild at the Simpele mill completed in June 2011, and the rebuild of the Äänekoski board machine due for completion in spring 2012.

Together with €16 million invested at M-real Kemi to improve the quality of its white-top kraftliners and the biopower plant, total investment in the Consumer Packaging business area will exceed €100 million during 2011-2012.

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