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PureCycle collaborates with Milliken and Nestlé on polypropylene plastics recycling

PureCycle Technologies, which offers the only recycled polypropylene with properties equal to virgin polymer, has collaborated with global industrial manufacturer Milliken and food and beverage firm Nestlé to accelerate plastics recycling.

PureCycle plans to open its first plant to restore used polypropylene (PP) plastic to ‘virgin-like’ quality with a revolutionary recycling method.

The company’s patented recycling process, developed and licensed by Procter & Gamble (P&G), isolates color, odor and other contaminants from plastic waste feedstock to convert it into virgin-like resin.

PureCycle Technologies CEO Mike Otwort said: “These partners are helping us accelerate as we bring this solution to the market.

“This is a validation of our method, and it will help us continue to move even more quickly as we make plastics recycling a reality.”

Milliken has established an exclusive supply relationship with PureCycle to address the plastics end-of-life challenge. Milliken produces additives that play a significant role in renewing recycled polypropylene.

Nestlé has collaborated with PureCycle for the development of new packaging materials to reduce plastic waste. The partnership will also allow Nestlé to achieve its commitment of 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025.

By using market knowledge and technical expertise of Milliken and Nestlé, PureCycle will engage in the development of world’s first virgin-like recycled polypropylene.

PureCycle will use technology licensed from P&G at the facility being constructed at Lawrence County in Ohio. The facility is expected to recycle 119 million pounds of polypropylene and produce over 105 million pounds per year starting in 2021.

The new partnership is said to enable PureCycle to open the plant’s feedstock evaluation unit that can processes multiple variations of feedstock.

PureCycle’s technology will also help P&G to achieve its vision of using 100% recycled or renewable materials and having zero consumer waste go to landfills.

Milliken president and CEO Halsey Cook said: “Milliken understands that creating a sustainable future requires meaningful collaboration with other industry pioneers.

“We believe PureCycle’s technology combined with Milliken’s leading plastic additives provide a transformative opportunity to elevate the viability of recycled polypropylene and help solve the plastics end-of-life challenge.”


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