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Proofing performance improved

A new Intec XP2020 Pro printer has brought major benefits to the printing of packaging samples at Falconer Print in Elland, UK.

“Previously we were proofing on a standard Epson and mounting the artwork designs onto board,” reveals prepress manager Simon Mitchell. “Per design this was extremely time consuming and quite often pharmaceutical clients require five or six proofs of each design. Where a client may have 20 individual designs this would add onerous production pressure to the prepress department and additional cost to the client,” he explains.

“It’s a different story with our Intec heavy stock digital printer. It can handle substrates up to 600 micron and makes light work of our client’s demands. From loading final artwork to final CAD cut design takes minutes. It’s that easy and our customers are delighted in the quality of the final proof design quality for no extra cost. We have already seen a positive increase in demand, as a result of purchasing the Intec.”

Falconer Print uses its XP2020 Pro to produce packaging proof designs for the pharmaceutical and healthcare, cosmetic, giftware and hair care sectors. The ultra-heavy stock capability and ease of use, the Intec XP2020 is said to be especially suited to this type of role, producing consistently excellent quality results.

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