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Promoting print quality

A custom designed Futec new generation EasyMax 100 per cent automatic defect detection system has been supplied to a Riyadh based producer of flexible packaging. Futec says it will enable the Saudi Arabian company to produce a blemish-free printed product at optimum press speed, with minimal waste and minimal operator involvement.

The EasyMax offers in-line inspection in real-time together with image archiving and data collection. Throughout the run real-time trends are plotted that verify any developing problems, and statistical data is collected for quality improvement and ISO accreditation purposes. The EasyMax is designed to inspect even the most complex patterns on papers, films, foils, laminates and non woven fabrics. It is also said to detect a wide range of repeating or random flaws, from individual splashes and missing ink, to fine streaks and blade marks.

Images of any defects are stored in their natural and highlighted forms so that current or previous jobs can be reviewed not only in terms of statistical information but also literally ‘replayed’ so that defects can be seen as they occur. This MIS capability means that common occurring defects are highlighted and the cause quickly traced and removed quickly from the process. In addition, data can be stored and hard copy printed out from the system’s integrated printer.

Saudi Arabia’s packaging industry is one of the largest and fastest growing in the Middle East – investment in the food and beverage sector during the period 1995 to 2000 exceeded $5 billion and the industry is forecast to expand even more rapidly during the next five years. Saudi consumers spent $6.4 billion on packaged foods in 2002 alone, with sectors such as ready-to-eat meals increasing market share by 14.6 per cent.

The development of a strong printing, packaging and plastics industry is part of the country’s diversification programme away from oil.


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