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PrintCity partners boost brand protection

Austrian company Jura JSP and the German firm Weilburger Graphics, both active members of the PrintCity alliance, are co-operating in the development of new security processes to protect printed packaging and labels against counterfeiting.

The two companies have developed TWIN-ICI, a novel security element which, it is claimed, could revolutionize print production in the field of brand protection. TWIN-ICI is said to require only minor process modifications and can be produced in-line “at favourable cost” by standard production systems in packaging and label printing in almost all applications.

TWIN-ICI is a combination of ICI (Invisible Constant Information) technology and special UV active coatings and printing inks. It is said to be completely invisible in normal light conditions, and can be used on non printed areas, and on solid colours or halftones.

This is said to give brand owners the greatest possible freedom in their design, since the security elements are not incorporated until after completion of the design process.

For the verification of TWIN-ICI elements, a decoding lens of a particular frequency, specially developed by Jura, is used in UV light of a certain wavelength, accessing the various pieces of information at different angles of the decoder and making them visible to the human eye.

TWIN-D-ICI is a variant which also makes use of digitally encoded information that can only be evaluated by a certain kind of reading device and is protected by high security cryptographic cipher algorithms.

Jura JSP is offering interested companies no-obligation consultancy on innovative brand protection. The company will also be staging a series of seminars this autumn.


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