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Premium prints on corrugated

The CORjet Premium press for corrugated and screen printing applications unveiled by Scitex Vision at the recent SuperCorr Expo in Atlanta is said to offer advanced features for increased quality and reliability whist boosting productivity.

New transparent cover panels give press operators better control of print; a state-of-the-art inking system is said to provide major quality improvements in solid colours; and new software ensures a more user friendly operating system. There are also enhancements to the pre-treatment facility which, combined with new water based, environmentally friendly ink formulation, increase the range of substrates that can be used – and the quality and impact of the print.

According to Scitex Vision, the CORjet Premium is an ideal solution to meet the growing demand for niche applications and short runs, “and extends the versatility and efficiency of printing corrugated products as well as traditional screen printed rigid media”.

Offering a completely automated industrial production system, from front-end to print delivery, the new press will integrate into existing industrial printing workflows, possibly replacing analogue lines and offering new market opportunities. It will deliver full sheets up to 160x320cm and up to 10mm thick, at a throughput of up to 150m2/hour – yielding up to 29 full format sheets/hour in three different printing modes. In addition to corrugated, the press will print on paperboard, plastics board, foam boards, PVC and PP.


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