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Polar boosts Mikko’s label output 

Leading Ukrainian label converter Mikko has installed a DC-11 label system, with a Polar 137 Autotrim M for strip cutting to automate its production. Operating almost 24 hours/day in two shifts, the Kharkow based company’s daily output is around 10-15M labels.

The new equipment includes a lift that loads the label material onto an RAH jogger. After the jogging process is finished, the RAH removes the remaining air from the reams and pushes them into a piling-board shelf, where they are stored temporarily.

Strip cutting is performed by the Autotrim M, which automatically aligns the cut strips on the LT-S feeder table before they are fed to the Autocut 25. The strips are cut into label blocks for transfer to the die cutter. After die cutting, the label stacks are banded in a single-head bander. Once the Autotrim M has made the three-side trim, the entire cutting process that follows is performed fully automatically.

Previously, Mikko had two Polar jogging systems, a 92 stand-alone machine and two 137 cutting systems which were employed to pre-sort square cut and die cut labels in various air-pallet lifts. A DC-11 fed from an air-pallet lift had been coping with the flood of orders together with two die cutters supplied by competing firms.

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