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Plastic Machining showcases paper manufacturing and packaging solutions at PaperCon 2017

Plastic Machining Company (PMC) has showcased its paper manufacturing and packaging solutions at PaperCon 2017 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US.

PMC provides plastic machining, semi-finished sheet and rod, custom-designed and OEM parts, as well as plastic replacements for metal power transmission components.

The company offers replacement of OEM parts made from durable nylon, UHMW, acetal, Delrin and other low friction materials in Kraft, duplex, newsprint and other manufacturing machines.

It will increase dewatering efficiency while keeping the properties of the paper intact and consistent.

According to PMC, plastic OEM replacement parts can be advantageous for pulpers as well. Pulpers are paper machines that operate in wet conditions.

In the recent times, there has been a surge in the deployment of plastic components as new-age plastics have exceeded their previous limits of load-bearing, torque handling and gear drive capacities. The company claims that its plastic components can work on heavy pulp loads without deformation.

In paper pulp applications, there are several materials which leave small filings or chips that can contaminate the paper pulp. PMC claims to have solved this problem by using ‘pulp safe’ plastic grade.

The company offers Quadrant's Tivar PolySteel, which has a high specific gravity and its magnetically detectable polymer material can be easily separated from wood pulp in solution. This solution is useful in premium and sensitive paper products such as paper used in glossy magazines.

Tivar PolySteel is used in chip sizing screens, flat back elbow liners, under chain wear plates, and wood chip drag conveyor flights.

Components made from UHMW, nylon and acetal work with other paper producing applications such as pressure screens, pulp agitators, formers, presses, dryers, reels, fluids, threaders and finishing systems.

Some examples include Paperchine SigmaPro, DeltaPlatform and VIB systems; AstenJohnson, S.L. Paper Machines, and Krystian paper processing and pulp preparation systems.

Image: PMC showcases paper machine components at PaperCon 2017. Photo: Courtesy of PR Newswire.