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Pharma strips produced and packaged

A new high speed oral strip converting system has been supplied to a confidential customer in the USA by Doyen Medipharm. Using the company’s HDW high speed four side seal packaging machine technology, it converts bulk reels of the product with slitters and rotary cutters, transferring and spacing the product with an accurate vacuum transfer system. Potential applications include any OTC pharmaceutical application that is dosed orally.

The high speed system transfers the bulk oral strip from a large reel, removes the release liner and slits the product into eight lanes. The web without the release is fragile, and accurate tension control in this phase of the conversion is vital if the web is to be successfully converted at high speed. The lanes are separated through a guidance system which transfers the strips at almost zero tension, and at the correct pitch, to a rotary cutting station. The cutter and anvil work at differential speeds to the web, and the strips are cut, separated and accurately placed onto the open packaging with a vacuum anvil.

For the packaging process, the foil based pouchstock laminate is unwound from a single web split and turn unwind for dual registered print on the finished package. Following the split, the base web is directed to collect the product and the top web is introduced to complete the unsealed web. The pack is sealed with Doyen’s high dwell continuous motion platen sealing head. This is said to permit high speed volume production even on the most difficult laminates. The head has multiple temperature and pressure zones to overcome the consistency and flatness problems associated with large platen systems.

The process continues as the products emerge from the HDW head and are slit and cut to length, and the process is completed with a positive failsafe reject station controlled by the machine’s integral quality system. This monitors the packages for missing product, joins in the packaging web, and loss of control of critical parameters, and rejects all faulty, or potentially faulty packs. The entire line is completed by a product collation unit and integrated cartoner.

The machine operates at 1,200 converted and packed products per minute. The length of the strip can be varied through the servo controlled cutting station, and the width of the product can be changed by adjusting the primary slitter station.


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