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Pharma pack meets new CRC standards

Pharmaceutical packaging specialist TD Packaging has developed a pack designed to help pharmaceutical manufacturers meet this October's deadline requiring them to demonstrate that paracetamol, aspirin and drug packaging containing iron complies with the BS8404 standard on non-recloseable child-resistant packaging, introduced in October 2003.

The TD Pop-pack comprises a slim clam-shell style holder containing a round blister and features a locking mechanism that only allows one tablet or capsule to be removed at a time. Developed with RPC Plastics, the container has already been approved to the new standard.

The outer holder has two small levers on the sides that lock into notches on the blister. Removing tablets requires two hands, as both levers must be depressed simultaneously to enable the blister to be turned to bring one of the blister pockets in line with the dispensing hole. TD says this is simple for adults, but “virtually impossible” for children’s small hands.

As the blister is rotated, the tablet or capsule in the pocket raises a small “hammer” above the hole and once the pocket is in line with the hole, the blister locks into place. Slight pressure on the hammer then pushes the tablet out. TD Packaging adds: “Most blister packing lines can be easily adapted to produce the round blisters and as the blisters are completely enclosed within the clamshell they can be made from existing, approved materials.”

Manufacturers can also dispense with an outer carton, as the clamshells have large flat areas on both sides for label application.

Equipment is available for loading, closing and labelling the clams automatically and TD Packaging is now offering the patented Pop-pack to contact packers. It can also supply the shells and licence the technology to those wishing to adapt their own packaging lines.