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Perlen Breaks the Ultra-High Barrier with PVdC

Perlen Breaks the Ultra-High Barrier with PVdC

Press Release September 2014

Perlen Breaks the Ultra-High Barrier with PVdC

Perlen Packaging is the first company to enter the ultra-high barrier segment with PVdC based blister films and is now presenting the ground-breaking PERLALUX – Ultra protect with highest water vapour and oxygen barrier properties.


In 2006 Perlen Packaging launched PERLALUX – Tristar ultra, the first PVdC based high barrier film and cost-effective alternative to PCTFE. The Swiss company’s latest innovation has succeeded in doubling the moisture and oxygen barrier again, using a multi-layer PVdC technology.

"With PERLALUX- Ultra protect we can now provide the world’s first highly transparent PVdC film for the rapidly growing ultra-high barrier segment" according to Johannes Giessler, Director Sales & Marketing at Perlen Packaging. "The advantage for pharmaceutical companies lies in higher product protection at improved processing and cost efficiency."

The demands of the pharmaceutical industry on blister film barrier characteristics have increased substantially in recent years. The high barrier segment is growing at double digit percentages, driven by more complex molecular structures of new drugs, increased sales into tropical climate zones and the trend towards global distribution.

PERLALUX – Ultra protect films provide high transparency and can be processed on all standard blister lines with the same parameters as standard PVdC films, without the need of additional forming aids. The symmetrical structure can be sealed on both sides to the aluminium lid foil. The barrier layers in the middle give optimum protection and highest product safety. In comparison with PCTFE films, PERLALUX – Ultra protect impresses with its much higher oxygen barrier at equivalent moisture barrier and by its substantial cost advantages.

The PVdC based Ultra protect films are vastly superior to alu/alu blisters in terms of the use of resources. The more compact arrangement of tablets means up to 50% smaller packs, resulting in cost savings in material, packaging, transport and storage. "The trend in tablet packaging is going towards "one fits all", as an efficient global distribution and logistics network can only be achieved through standardisation of the transparent blister packs, now favoured by consumers", says Wolfgang Grimm, CEO of Perlen Packaging.

PERLALUX – Ultra protect has already been successfully tested and introduced by leading pharmaceutical and generic companies in Europe, USA and Japan. Thanks to a range of different barrier levels, we can offer a film which meets the individual product requirements for water vapour and oxygen permeation. In addition, an ideal price-performance ratio and an excellent yield bring economic and ecological advantages. The Ultra protect range is available with immediate effect.


Johannes Giessler
Director Sales & Marketing
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