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PaperWise Breakthrough in sustainability

PaperWise Breakthrough in sustainability

3 Feb 2015

PaperWise Breakthrough in sustainability

Quality paper and board from agricultural waste

High quality sustainable paper and board with very low environmental impact, that is PaperWise. This paper and board – made from agricultural waste – is a breakthrough in sustainability and the quality is unprecedented. According to IVAM University of Amsterdam, the environmental impact scores 47% better than FSC certified paper from wood fiber; compared to recycled paper it scores 29% better. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands) supports this innovation in paper with an international CSR voucher.

Agricultural waste as raw material for paper and paperboard
In order to feed seven billion people every day, crops such as rice, wheat, and sugar cane are cultivated. In processing these crops, stems and leaves are removed; also known as agricultural waste. This adds up to billions of tons of waste worldwide. PaperWise uses this agricultural waste as raw material for paper and paperboard. PaperWise is the first company in Europe to offer office products, packaging, labels, and bags made out of agricultural waste paper. An average of 77,500,000,000 kg of paper and carton is used in Europe every year. PaperWise is a true innovation for sustaining the environment.

The impact on the environment in figures
Scientists have studied the impact of paper on the environment. IVAM University of Amsterdam (independent agency for environmental research) has researched the difference in impact between paper from 100% wood fibers, recycled paper, and paper based on agricultural waste (PaperWise). The research shows that PaperWise scores 47% better than FSC certified wood fiber paper and 29% better than recycled paper.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands)
PaperWise is a true innovation in the field of paper and paperboard. Collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and MVO Nederland has laid the foundation for this. A grant of € 10,000 was awarded in the form of an IMVO voucher. This grant was used to contribute the IVAM University of Amsterdam research. Willem Lageweg, director of MVO Nederland, is very enthusiastic about the developments: "It is a new milestone for the paper industry. A separate industry processes the agricultural waste into environmentally friendly paper and paperboard. An excellent example of the circular economy."

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