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Paper offers seamless printed electronics and graphics

New from Arjowiggins Creative Papers is Powercoat, a paper said to facilitate the seamless integration of electronic functionality and printed graphics. This new cellulosic paper formulation and coating provide a “unique, flexible substrate that opens up a world of possibilities in packaging, advertising and other industries where there is a cross-over between the real and the virtual”.

Powercoat facilitates the integration of a whole range of electronic functions into graphics, from embedded RFID tags to more intelligent functionalities. Its natural roll-to-roll capability also makes it possible to produce large area flexible products in a continuous printing process.

Powercoat is a sustainable substrate with polymer-like smoothness (as low as 10nm) claimed to offer excellent printability and ink adhesion properties without any plastics content. Its fine surface allows high resolution fine patterning (down to 5 micron) of any solution-based electronic layer.

According to Arjowiggins, using existing pressroom environments and processes, the paper’s “remarkable thermal stability” allows for precision control during sintering (the process which fuses conductive inks to the substrate). Its structure can withstand the high temperatures required for low resistance silver ink without the discolouration experienced by other papers on the market, and “significantly reduces the consumption of these expensive inks”.

PowerCoat is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and FSC certified, offering cost savings and a significantly reduced environmental impact.

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