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Pantone brings in 2,000 new colours

The Pantone Goe System – “the first completely new colour inspiration and specification system since the introduction of the Pantone Matching System 45 years ago” – offers 2,058 new colours, plus tools and interactive software.

“The Goe System works in concert with the Matching System to empower everyone in the creative and production process with a simpler, more complete, user friendly workflow from the moment of inspiration to the realization of a finished project,“ explains Helmut Eifert, vice president of Pantone, Europe. “Just as the original system enabled the industry to step into its future, Pantone Goe will impel designers and printers to stay competitive and versatile in today’s challenging and evolving marketplace.”

The new colours are arranged in an intuitive, chromatic order for easy, precise, cross-media colour selection and specification. The Goe System includes the GoeGuide and GoeSticks, a two volume set of adhesive backed chips, along with intelligent software for creating colour palettes that can be imported into applications, shared among coworkers and clients, and archived for future reference.

The new system offers a significantly expanded colour palette, yet is based on a smaller set of 10 Pantone Mixing Bases, plus Pantone Clear, that are readily available anywhere in the world. This ensures colour consistency on a global basis while keeping ink inventory to a minimum for printers.

The colours have also been designed for printing uniform ink film thicknesses to allow for equal drying times and more control when matching colour on press. This enables press operators to run jobs at the same ink settings, providing significant production efficiencies.


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