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Pamarco offers anilox advantages

Pamarco Global Graphics has added a laser option to its anilox product offering. The CorrFlo laser was developed as an alternative to mechanical ceramic anilox rolls widely used in blade metered corrugated flexo printing applications. It is claimed to be the most economically priced laser anilox roll on the market.

The CorrFlo is said to offer numerous advantages over mechanical ceramic rolls. Most notable is a significant increase in roll durability due to the type of ceramic used (chromium oxide) and an applied ceramic coating thickness approximately three times greater than what can be achieved with a 165 or 180 Quad mechanical ceramic roll.

Also, as is the case with a conventional laser engraved anilox, the ink carrying cells are formed with a sharpened laser beam within the ceramic coating itself, as compared to a mechanical ceramic roll having cells which are formed in the base metal with an engraving tool and then ceramic coated.

According to Pamarco, the CorrFlo laser offers better corrosion resistance, and has a lower surface tension or dyne level rating to transfer ink more efficiently. The company also states that, in most cases, it can increase the anilox screen or cell count, contributing to the reproduction of cleaner, sharpoer graphics. It can be used in either a roll to roll application or a print station with a single reverse angle doctor blade metering system.

The new laser is limited to a 250 lpi engraving maximum for the roll. It was developed as an alternative for mechanical rolls with engravings in the 140-180 lpi range.


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