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Packsize announces availability of CADPack Designer software for corrugated box designs

US-based Packsize has announced the availability of cloud software, CADPack Designer, designed to increase custom box-making productivity and optimize designer time.

The new computer-aided design software, which is accessible via a Web browser, allows packaging designers to create their own corrugated box designs with easy-to-use.

Packsize said that the packaging designers can use the cloud-based software to quickly visualize and create custom box designs and upload them to a Packsize On Demand Packaging machine.

In addition to allowing creation of new box designs on the fly, the new CADPack Designer software allows the packaging designer to revise existing designs or import standard European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) designs from the Packsize Box Design Library.

The CADPack Designer, which eliminates the need for installation or product updates, complements Packsize’s On Demand Packaging brand of customized packaging solutions, the company said.

Packsize, in a statement, said: “Packsize’s custom packaging solutions use custom box-making techniques to replace traditional box inventories, leading to many packaging benefits and savings while also radically improving the management and handling of corrugated box shipments.

“This new cloud-based software produces box designs in either metric or imperial units and can be easily uploaded to any On Demand Packaging or other box-making machine. Full functionality is immediately available worldwide upon purchasing an annual license.”

Recently, Packsize has introduced a hot melt adhesive, which the company claims will takes stickiness out of custom box-making.

Packsize Hot Melt Adhesive is based on industry-leading metallocene copolymer technology. Its non-charring formula enhances system performance and lowers production costs.

It is specifically formulated for use with all Packsize On Demand Packaging corrugated box-making machines.

Packsize is engaged in developing, manufacturing, licensing, supporting, and selling On Demand Packaging software, systems, and solutions to its customers.