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Oxipack to unveil leak detection system for liquid pouches at Interpack 2017

Dutch manufacturer Oxipack will unveil a new inline leak detection system for flexible liquid pouches at Interpack 2017 event in Germany.

The new system can detect micro-leaks at a speed of 60 pouches per minute inline.

Oxipack managing director Serge Smit noted that the flexible packaging does not contain detection gases. And leak detection methods based on gas detection do not work and on top o that doy bag pouches do not contain air but only juice. Hence, there is no headspace for measuring air pressure differences.

The company had also developed another system which is useful for testing airtightness for soups and sauces. Pressure change can now be measured in the immediate area of packaging but the pressure in the package itself. Whenever, pressure changes, the result is leaking fluid, which can be measured.

The demo machine will demonstrate flexible liquid pouches for leaks. Within a compilation of less than three yards, leaky pouches are detected at high speed. Pouches enter and leave the detection unit, dashing to and fro in a U-shape.

Oxipack noted that the machine is for demonstration and hence, the speed has been limited to 60 packs per minute. In an actual integrated packaging line, the speeds could be as high as 120 per minute.

The measurement process is fully automatic and very precise. It can detect tiny leaks ranging between 10-50 microns, upward of one hundred of a millimetre. The measurement’s accuracy depends upon the viscosity of the liquid.

Testcycles have proved micro leaks up till 10 microns can be detected when the pouches contain water. During the Interpack trade show, customized calibrated leak demo’s will be used. Fair visitors can see for themselves how these leaky containers are detected and ejected at full speed.

Image: Oxipack to showcase flexible liquid package leak detection system. Photo: Courtesy of Oxipack.