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Outlast label is cool

Outlast Europe has introduced a temperature-buffering label that helps keeps drinks and beverages cooler for longer by deflecting heat from a drinker’s hand.

The Cold Wrap label has already appeared on glass bottles of the American brand Coors Brewing Company. It is a 360-degree premium wrap with a tactile finish, but the backside is coated with Outlast material to create a barrier between the chill of the container and the warmth from a hand.

The label is made from the Outlast technology that has been incorporated into apparel, footwear and bedding products.

“This is our first foray into the labelling and packaging industry,” said Martin Bentz, managing director of Outlast Europe, based in Heidenheim in Germany. “We were able to use our technical expertise to make an intuitive jump into a new labelling process and thus into a new industry where we can offer continued innovative solutions for the brand.”

The Cold Wrap label can be applied to a variety of materials including, paper, cardboard, glass and metal and is available for commercial development, the company says.


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