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Out-of-register and substrate simulation

Two new features for GMG’s FlexoProof o4 package proofing application will enable prepress shops and converters to demonstrate what will occur if a press prints out of register, or how an image will appear on a substrate such as corrugated or fibreboard.

FlexoProof includes GMG SpotColor to manage special colours and the Pantone Library. Colour opacity and print sequences can be specified as needed. Both printing substrate colour and structure – such as paper fibres or corrugated board – can be reproduced in the proof. GMG says the software generates contract-quality half tone proofs from the same 1 bit data used by the film or platesetter RIP. “These features allow highly accurate proofing of jobs as they will appear under actual printing conditions.”

With a printed digital proof, GMG FlexoProof o4 now provides a simulation that demonstrates what results will occur when a press prints packaging out of register. Colours can be shifted in steps of 0.1mm, providing the opportunity to judge the effect of misregistration to the final print product. To ensure that the proofs are accurate, GMG uses 1-bit TIFF data directly from the imagesetter RIP to create the simulation.

FlexoProof o4 customers who own a software maintenance contract will receive the upgrades automatically. Owners of earlier versions, without a maintenance contract, can purchase an upgrade from GMG or an authorized GMG reseller.


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