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Orbis showcases bulk container and pallet lines at LogiMAT event in Germany

Sustainable reusable packaging manufacturer Orbis is exhibiting products from its European bulk container and pallet lines at this year’s LogiMAT event in Germany.

At the event, which is being held from 14 to 16 March in Stuttgart, the company is showcasing its new 1200mm x 800mm foldable container (FLC) design, which is based on European dimensions.

The new HDB1208 BulkPak is claimed to be first plastic FLC of its size that can control up to 900 kg, helping to replace gitterboxes.

Designed to be folded when empty for return trips, the new container’s 1200mm x 800mm size enables to use for sequencing parts, as well as rightsizing part shipments for line-side assembly and WIP operations.

The firm is also exhibiting HDB1012 BulkPak, which is based on the 1200mm x 1000mm footprint. It is available in four heights such as582mm, 732mm, 870mm and 980mm.

Orbis’ HDB1012 BulkPaks are structural-foam molded in high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which will protect and transport parts in global automotive and industrial applications. It is an alternative to steel tubs, wood pallets and crates.

In addition, the firm is exhibiting 1120 x 1420 BulkPal and 1180 x 1250 BulkPal pallets that can, stage and ship metal and plastic cans and bottles in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries in Europe.

They can be combined with layer pads and top frames layer pads and top frames to store and ship unit loads within the supply chain.

Orbis senior commercial director David Heer said: “Our goal is to support our customers through reducing packaging costs and helping them minimize their impact on the environment.

“There is a need for this kind of robust reusable packaging in the industry — one that is offered in standard European dimensions and offers the benefits of all-plastic design, including cleanability, repeatable performance and high-weight load capacity.”