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Optomec launches new print process production system for electronics packaging

Optomec, a supplier of additive manufacturing systems, has introduced its new Aerosol Jet HD system for electronics packaging at IPC APEX conference in California, US.

The company developed the new Aerosol Jet HD system to overcome electronics packaging issues, including the increasing density of electronic components.

Aerosol Jet HD system is a compact and configurable production platform, which holds capacity to dispense a range of electronics materials with features as small as 20μ.

The system can also be used to produce larger features ranging from hundreds of microns to millimeters in a single pass, as well as print wide-area conformal coatings from 100 nanometers to tens of microns in thickness.

Featuring configurable conveyor stations, Aerosol Jet Series is available in 20um, 50um and 100um configurations.

The system can produce high-resolution adhesive pads with eatures as small as 25μ, and holds capacity to directly print conformal 3D interconnects.

It can also print fine features with high viscosity inks, and offers high-resolution printing for a wide range of common non-conductive electronics materials.

To meet speci?c process requirements, the HD series handles a variety of substrate sizes and compositions.

The HD Series print capabilities begin with a standard 100 µm print process, and can be further scaled to 50µm and 20 µm high resolution printed features.

According to Optomec, Aerosol Jet systems for printed electronics and LENS 3D Printers for metal components will help reduce product cost and enhance performance.

The advanced printing solutions can be used with various functional materials ranging from electronic inks to structural metals and biological matter.

Optomec product solutions are suitable for applications in the electronics, energy, life sciences and aerospace industries.

Earlier this month, the company showcased its Aerosol Jet systems for 3D production-grade printed electronics at the SEMI Flex conference, held at the Hyatt Regency in Monterey, California.  

Image: Aerosol Jet HD system for advanced packaging. Photo: courtesy of Optomec.