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OFT advances offset options

A US carton converter has placed the first order for OFT Technology’s patented Filmtone system for applying holographic patterns into a UV varnish, directly on-line on an offset press.

The system uses a micro embossed film which can either be embossed with a decorative wallpaper pattern or with a bespoke company specific image. A UV duct varnish of around 2g/m² is applied by a litho plate to the printed sheet with either flood or spot coverage. On the next unit of the press the film runs through between the blanket cylinder and the impression cylinder with the emboss pressed into the wet varnish. Keeping the film and sheet together, the varnish is dried by a UV light source and the film separated from the sheet.

The pattern in the film now provides a holographic image in the clear varnish. OFT says the film can be re-used several times.

Sales and marketing director John Hopkinson explains: “The first unit has been sold into the US carton industry and will provide corporate identity over many different branded products from a single corporation, however future applications are also being developed for brand protection in cartons and labelling in addition to the decorative effects for greeting cards and commercial print.”

He says a further application using a plain smooth film has realized “high 90’s gloss levels from just 2g/m² of UV varnish with very evident cost savings against traditional methods”.


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