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O-I claims world first with new tamper-evident closure

O-I Closure & Specialty Products has launched what it claims is the world's first compression moulded 70mm tamper-evident closure.

To be produced initially in the US, but subsequently also in Europe and elsewhere, the EasySeal HT is said to be “ideal” for high temperature products that have traditionally required a metal or metal composite closure and products that currently use an injection-moulded closure with foil seal liner or shrink band. The exterior was designed specifically for ease of use with both older and younger consumers in mind, as Dallas Stiles, O-I Closure & Speciality Products global category manager for food & dairy, explains: “Most times, if you ask consumers for their biggest complaint with wide mouth food packages they will tell you it is that the closure is too difficult to remove. The new 70mm EasySeal HT has been shown in our testing to be significantly easier to remove than other 70mm closures.”

The closure can accommodate fill temperatures of up to 205 degs Fahrenheit and should work well on glass and PET (with both injection and blown trim finish) containers. It features O-I’s “proven” Flex-Band tamper-evident band technology which its says provides robust, external tamper evidence without the need for a separate shrink band. Both the barrier and non-barrier liner materials are non-PVC-based and FDA-compliant.

“O-I has done a significant amount of consumer research on current wide mouth packages,” says Stiles. “Consumers tend to have difficulty removing wide mouth closures and also strongly dislike having to remove a shrink band or foil seal to access the package. At the same time these consumers are very familiar with tamper-evident bands providing a clearly visible indicator that the package has or has not been opened. We recently commissioned a wide mouth package study with consumers aged 45-64 and found 79% preferred opening a package with the EasySeal HT closure compared with the existing closure which included a shrink band.”

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The new EasySeal HT closure can reportedly withstand fill temperatures of up to 205 degs F and, O-I says, should make wide mouth food packs much easier to open pic25162