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New Vision Packaging offers BIO-PET for Easter packaging

New Vision Packaging is encouraging packaging buyers use BIO-PET material for packaging the upcoming Easter festival.

New Vision Packaging, the UK's most creative and highly-skilled packaging business is encouraging packaging buyers to 'choose Packaging' this Easter!

As part of New Vision's 'choose packaging' campaign, New Vision is inviting packaging buyers to choose the right packaging for products!

New Vision supports sustainability in packaging and that's why we always advise and offer the best solution possible for our customers.

We are proud to offer our customers the choice of more environmentally friendly materials including BIO-PET. Like all responsible companies, we are looking to reduce packaging. However, this is not always possible or desired, and so we've been working with our partners to offer BIO-PET.

BIO-PET film is made of two main elements; terephthalic acid (70%) and monoethylene glycol (also known as MEG), which makes the remaining 30% of the film. Using the latest cutting-edge technologies, MEG can now be derived from renewable sources.

Ethanol is obtained by processing sugar cane, which is then processed further using a fermentation method to create plant-derived MEG.

This new and innovative plastic is also 100% recyclable, meaning every box can have a new life once it has served its purpose. When recycled, every New Vision BIO-PET box can be reborn as new packaging. So, it's great for our customers, great for the consumer, and great for the environment too.


Source: Company Press Release