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New product launches to keep food Fresha

New product launches to keep food Fresha

31 January 2015

New product launches to keep food Fresha

A food technology company is coming to the rescue of many households across Britain to help reduce food waste with the launch of fresha a new food bag made up of a blend of natural minerals, which keeps fresh produce, fresher for longer.


The revolutionary creation will fall under Fresh ‘n’ Smart and will launch fresha as its first product to consumers from early next week with an RRP of £3.99 for a pack of 20 bags. Each bag is reusable and recyclable and will help to combat Britain’s £19billion annual food wastage bill.


The food bag works by slowing down the ripening process of fresh produce naturally. Made with a special blend of minerals, it has been developed to provide a safe and convenient way to extend the shelf life of many fresh fruit and vegetables. These breathable bags help to eradicate moisture and bacteria to ensure that wherever you normally store the product, be it fridge or counter, your food will stay fresher for longer.


Founded by Phil Johnson, Fresh ‘n’ Smart has been providing packaging for the growers and producers for a number of years, with Fresh ‘n’ Smart Packaging. All falling under the holding company Agri-Tech Global Technologies, which specialises in food packaging technology, fresha will be part of the Fresh ‘n’ Smart technology range that taps into the consumer market.


He says: "I am very passionate about reducing food waste, having been in the packaging technology for over 25 years and designing packaging for the growers and producers, I wanted to design something that would help consumers with this problem. The average household wastes £60 a month on food waste; it is so important that as a nation we look to tackle this. fresha has come about over a number of year’s trialling different methods to ensure that fresh food is kept fresher for longer, the natural way"


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