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New corona treatment from Ferrarini & Benelli

A new high performance treatment station and a new double side treatment station have been introduced by Ferrarini & Benelli, the Italian manufacturer of corona surface treatment.

The Polimetal e Poliplast Kappa Plus is said to be a versatile treatment unit that can be equipped with aluminium electrodes (for treatment of plastics films and paper) or with ceramic electrodes (for treating conductive films in general) and with section retractable electrodes for treatment at zone.

A key feature of the new system is that the electrode groups are interchangeable, allowing for processing of all materials. The electrode can be equipped with a special air gap adjustment system that acts on the electrode from the outside, as a result of which the system can be used even on thick products such as foams or expanded materials. Additionally, the electrode assembly is equipped with a special quick removal system for easy maintenance.

Bikappa, the new double side treatment unit, is designed with a vacuum electrode holder hood system directly connected to an extraction fan. This system removes the ozone generated by the corona discharge and optimizes electrode cooling. “This allows the use of high power coefficients needed for the high speed treatment of slippery materials without creating deformation of the electrode and modification of the air gap,” says the Ferrarini & Benelli.

Bikappa features an up-down electrode that permits selection of the zones to be treated. The electrode is equipped with an external air gap adjustment system that is said to ensure easy setting of the electrode-roller gap when electrodes are replaced, or to process materials of different thickness.


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