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New 2GO range simplifies choice in Burgopak slider package systems

Burgopak has harmonised its core product offering of patented slider system packages to present a unified range: 2GO.

With the name emphasising the quick and easy ‘take-away’ nature of the system for in-store displays, the range consists of 14 designs and is intended for the presentation of all types of consumer electronics, from SIM-cards to mobile phones, CDs and DVDs, or gift cards, events tickets or even blister packs – all complete with marketing messages or built-in space for promotional booklets if required.

The London-based packaging design company says 2GO has been developed “in response to the ever increasing pressures imposed by today’s fragile economy”, optimizing materials usage to achieve cost reductions of as much as 40%.

The streamlining of the 2GO range is intended to allow Burgopak clients to make “rational and educated decisions based on a pared down collection of logical options, simplifying all of the ordering, design and production processes”. On product samples, key factual information such as external dimensions, structural features and intended applications are included on the front cover and arranged into a simple, ordered layout to create a consistent visual language throughout.

“Fundamentally the 2GO range is about removing the countless options offered previously and streamlining variables to a point that the range could cover almost all product categories within 14 different designs,” says Burgopak creative director Dane Whitehurst.