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MWV Debuts Two New Products at Luxe Pack Monaco—Amplify and Aspire

MWV Debuts Two New Products at Luxe Pack Monaco—Amplify and Aspire

Luxepack Preview – Product Launch

MWV Debuts Two New Products at Luxe Pack Monaco — Amplify and Aspire

Luxury is no longer reserved for high-end beauty and fragrance products. The distinction between mass, masstige and luxury products is shifting as consumers want more at every price point. Luxury is evolving, and through advancements in packaging manufacturing, every product can look and feel more premium.

It’s the evolution of luxury. By applying the prestige principals of functionality and design to every tier, MWV’s packaging solutions can enhance the overall product experience and foster deep connections between consumers and the brands they use every day.

This season, MWV is adding two new dispensing solutions that will allow consumers to experience more. MWV will also showcase the full suite of beauty and personal care packaging solutions, including the Emotions of Spray Collection, skincare and cosmetics line and best-in-class paperboard materials.


MWV’s new airless pump-on-a-tube, Amplify, makes dispensing easier and cleaner than ever before. Ideal for skincare products, the pump provides brands and consumers with a comfortable, easy delivery; consistent and controlled dispensing; product protection; and a convenient, hygienic, on-the-go experience.
MWV’s Skincare Research & Insights Study findings show that consumers want packaging that is secure and portable, always keeps the product fresh, and eliminates messes and spills. Amplify addresses consumer pain points and delivers the luxurious experience they want each time they interact with your product. The pump also fosters deep emotional connections and brand loyalty, leading to repeat purchase.


By leveraging its global dispensing expertise from the luxury market and partnerships with some of the most well-known fragrance brands, MWV created Aspire — a new fragrance pump designed specifically for consumers who want a more premium experience that stays true to the value of their current brands.

Aspire can upgrade the look and feel of any brands’ packaging, while still adhering to their brand promise. The fragrance pump offers consumers a smooth, soft actuation and fine, consistent atomization. Consumer tests about the perfuming experience show that 65% prefer Aspire over the nearest competitor.