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Multiples counting on corrugated for the future

While retailers are constantly exploring ways to improve their traditional packaging solutions, corrugated is set to remain a staple on supermarket shelves for years to come, according to the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI), which represents more than 90% of the UK corrugated packaging industry.

This confident prediction follows a series of meetings the CPI Corrugated Sector has had with representatives from the UK’s major supermarket chains as part of its retailer engagement initiative. During these on-going discussions, the organisation has found that, despite interest in other materials, “the majority of the multiples still see corrugated at the forefront for protecting goods in transit and promoting brands on their store shelves”.

CPI director of packaging affairs Andrew Barnetson says that while retailers are becoming more demanding in terms of value for money, guaranteed supply and innovation, corrugated will continue to hold sway over the market because of the efficiency and environmental advantages it brings. Corrugated packaging protects around 75% of goods in transit and has led the way on issues such as lightweight packaging and space efficiency in stores and trucks, which has resulted in fewer lorries on the road.

Barnetson says: “It is clear from my meetings that maximising supply chain efficiency and branding is key for the big high street retailers and corrugated ticks these boxes. The emergence of corrugated packaging as a major advertising platform is driving demand and ensuring it holds its strong position within retail as part of an integrated supply chain solution.”

However, he cautions: “While the feedback from the retail sector has been positive, we must take nothing for granted. The industry must continue to be innovative to ensure that corrugated remains the most economic and hygienic packaging solution.”

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