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Mosca launches cross-strapping machine for corrugated cardboard industry

Mosca has launched a new cross-strapping machine targeting the corrugated cardboard industry to provide flexible and gentle strapping of complex products.

Dubbed Universal Corrugated Bundler (UCB), the cross-strapping machine is manually operated and is CE-compliant.

The Mosca UCB, which has to be integrated into a corrugated cardboard production line, is claimed to make strapping of non-symmetric cartons along with other complex products simpler.

It has the ability to strap complex four- or six-point folding cartons. Mosca says that this is possible through a product alignment on up to six sides.

Mosca product manager Andreas Ding Andreas Ding said: "The UCB is often used directly behind a folding and gluing machine.

"The shingled stream runs continuously and a strapping machine failure inevitably leads to a production stop."

The machine also features comprehensive network communication and formula storage through touch panel.

Mosca says that without taking any additional safety measures, UCB can be deployed into operation instantly. The machine can strap folding carton stacks using polypropylene straps in the widths between 5-12mm.

According to Mosca, the operator has to just take out the folding cartons from the folding and gluing machine and put them crosswise before feeding them into the CE-compliant machine. After this, the conveyor system of the machine pushes the stack inside and makes it aligned on five sides.

Once the product is completely aligned on the strapping level, the Mosca UCB straps it automatically before moving it forward out of the machine. Mosca says that the machine can facilitate up to 20 double strapping or 32 single strapping cycles per minute.