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Milacron to injection molding machines at Fakuma 2017

Plastic processing equipment maker Milacron is set to exhibit its injection molding machines, Mold-Masters hot runners and other products in Fakuma international trade fair, 2017.

Fakuma will be taking place at Friedrichshafen, Germany scheduled on 17-21 October this year.

Milacron will exhibit its technologies including injection molding machines, Mold-Masters hot runners and control systems along with TIRAD high precision mold bases ad Direct industrial supplies.

Milacron injection molding machines includes display of All-Electric Elektron EVO 110, Magna Toggle Servo 200-970, Ferromatik 360 and Milacron 4.0.

Elektron EVO 110 has a 4-cavity Zahoransky medical syringe insert mold and its cycle time is 14 seconds, while Magna Toggle Servo 200 has a 1-cavity automotive surface sample mold from Wirth Molds with a Mold-Masters TempMaster M1 controller which utilizes Trexel’s Mucell system for physical foaming with SGI process in a cycle time of 52 seconds.

Ferromatik 360 has a 4-cavity packaging container mold and in-mold labeling technology from Müller in a 4 second cycle time.

Mold-Masters’ summit-series hot runner is built completely from stainless steel which can be used for molding shear and temperature-sensitive resins like PC, POM and PBT. 

Fusion G2 Series with its extended nozzle length range provides more flexibility and its compound nozzle can be used to avoid interferences with cavity cooling lines, and position nozzles in very tight pockets. 

In DME mold technologies TruCool is designed with conformal cooling solutions direct metal laser melting 3D printing process to produce highly complex cavities, cores, and components with conformal cooling channels to help mold makers and molders with their mold cooling.

TIRAD high precision premier equipment is used to make large mold bases helps in reducing manual polishing and additional rework due to increased consistency in high quality finishes. 

Milacron e-commerce site is integrated with re-designed in which all Milacron products are available including individual parts and assemblies for Milacron injection molding machines and Mold-Masters hot runners and controllers.