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Milacron to continue manufacturing Ferromatik machines at Malterdigen facility in Germany

Milacron expects to continue the production of Ferromatik injection molding machines at its Malterdingen facility in Germany due to increasing customer demand.

Last year, Milacron stated that it will transfer the injection molding machine assembly and machining from its German plant, to a new facility in Czech Republic by the end of this year.

The company now anticipates production will continue at the Malterdingen facility until the end of 2019, a full two years longer because of increased customer order intake in Europe.

Milacron signed an agreement with the Workers Council to amend deals and agreed to bring staff back in several cases. 

The company still plans to transfer the manufacturing operations to the new facility in Czech Republic, but has reiterated its commitment to Malterdingen and Germany. It plans to use both the facilities for a limited period of time.

It stated that it needs to operate at the Malterdingen facility to fulfil a European order book to the first quarter of 2018.

Milacron Injection Europe managing director Denis Poelman said: “Milacron has a proud history in Malterdingen designing, engineering and manufacturing the Ferromatik line of injection molding machines. As I’ve always stated, Milacron will still have a strong presence in Malterdingen even after the manufacturing operations transition to the Czech Republic.

“Milacron is committed to remain in the Malterdingen area and if there were to be a move it would be within 25 kilometers of our current location.

“Milacron’s European injection molding machinery business will retain and grow the Engineering, R&D, Service, Sales, Marketing and Aftermarket departments.”

Poelman also stated that at the Malterdingen facility, highly customized and complex machines such as cube molds, PET, co-injection systems and automation/robotics systems will go through testing and customization.